What is Minimalism?

Living in Hawaii, minimalism is the natural way of living pono.  Pono means righteousness, and to live pono means being in balance with all aspects of life – mind, body, and spirit.

Minimalism is about bringing yourself back to balance with your true authentic self, with nature, and being mindful about the way you live and making sure the choices you make are pono.

Hawaii has lost a little bit of itself over the years of change and has given into the idea of ‘the more the better’.  More buildings, more attractions, more destinations, more noise, more people.

Minimalism is a way to escape the the clutter which allows you to question what adds value to your life, focus on what matters most to you, and what gives your life meaning.  Through minimalism you get rid of all that weighs you down physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Modern day Hawaii promotes the need to accumulate possessions in order to be considered successful leading to the idea that happiness comes through the amount and type of objects you possess.  That is not the Hawaiian way – that is not pono.

Minimalism guides you away from the desire and need of trying to fit in the mold of consumerism while leading you towards seeking happiness in the things that add meaning and value to your life.

Being a minimalist is simply stripping away the excess stuff – negativity, possessions, ideas, activities, relationships – in order to dedicate yourself to focusing on what is truly valuable and important to you.

Now minimalism is approached in many different ways depending on the individual because you are unique.  But we are all headed down the same path towards of life of more time, money, freedom and happiness.

Who is Minimalism For?

If you are searching for what matters most to you in life – health, family, relationships, personal growth, contribution – then minimalism is a tool to help you achieve that.  It’s not like you have to apply to become one, you can start whenever you are ready, that’s the most difficult part.

Here on The Minimalist Kanaka, you will not just find information about minimalism but I also focus on being a minimalist in Hawaii and how Hawaii could benefit from some minimalism in our lives.

Aloha and A hui hou.

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  1. Tiare
    January 27, 2015 @ 7:55 am

    Kākoʻo! So happy to come across your blog and am loving the manaʻo and mana as these are concepts we apply in the daily life of kuʻu ʻohana. Mahalo!

    Minimalism is a central practice to the traditional lifestyle of kanaka maoli. We would be wise to return to simplistic living lest our land, culture, values, and mana be further destroyed by over-development, consumerism, and greed. Less really is more.


    • Daniel Aipa
      January 28, 2015 @ 10:35 am

      Aloha Tiare, Mahalo for commenting. Minimalism is definitely a practice that many of us should get in touch with and its great to connect with others who feel the same.


  2. Tony Szaraz
    September 26, 2015 @ 12:44 pm

    I’m haole from Central Europe, 10 years in Alaska and second year in Hawaii. I was minority in my country, and I have still some reflex, related with issue be underdog on own land. I try to represent Hawaii on my way to my Hungarian and Serbian people: without cliches, just showing, how magical is this great land of Hawaii. I enjoyed your blog, even I find some “new ideas” related with locals mentality…Thank you!


  3. Beth Opperman Andrewes
    October 9, 2015 @ 3:03 pm

    Oh Daniel, I had to leave 11 years ago….I felt so bad leaving my relatives who are buried there…. but couldn’t take living in the past in order to live in the present…. I get that nothing is permanent buy my heart breaks open again when I read your piece.


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