Minimalism Unleashes a Warrior Spirit

hawaiian lua ha'a

When it comes to living a Minimalist lifestyle there are a few misconceptions that follow. Some may think Minimalism means you get rid of everything you own because you are going through a life crisis of wanting to start over.

Others think you are using minimalism as an excuse to be unproductive because it means to practically not care and do nothing. And the list can go on.  Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist, wrote an article called Addressing Minimalism’s Misconceptions that lays out the many assumptions and misconceptions.

While there are different sides to minimalism, the majority of the minimalist I come across embody a Warrior Spirit.  Coming from Hawaii and being Native Hawaiian, I come from a warrior, na koa, culture.

Has fear ever held a man back from anything he really wanted, or a woman either? -George Bernard Shaw

If you take in to account The Hero’s Journey, from Joseph Campbell. Once you make that decision to venture into the minimalist lifestyle, it is your Warrior Spirit that takes you along the journey to fight against all the fears, obstacles, and gnarly sea creatures.  Without this sort of Warrior Spirit, the decision you made becomes meaningless.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell

As much reflecting and questioning minimalism entails, it all means nothing unless you get off your ass and do something with it.

When you embody that Warrior Spirit, you learn how to have a stronger sense of yourself and stronger vision of how you want to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  Starting off on the journey can be difficult at first because everything seems new, but since you are committed, you start down the road full of optimism and inspiration.

Through the overcoming of fears and slashing away at barriers, you begin to build strength and mana in your character.  You will have people who try to cut you down, crush your hope, and tempt you to abandon your ultimate Quest.

Minimalism will have your inner fears and self-doubt show their faces which I’ve found to be the most difficult foes to defeat. Minimalism goes against the norm of consumerism, materialism, and idleness.

The Warrior Spirit is what allows you to ho’omau, persevere.  There is a chance you will approach scary and difficult tasks during the minimalist journey, but the Warrior Spirit within you understands the commitment and will keep you moving forward because it’s something you believe in and truly want – a stronger more meaningful life.

How is your Warrior Spirit feeling today?

“Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few more upon it.” – Albert Schweitzer


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